On Being a Counsellor

Sometimes in life we face what seems like a big rock or a boulder , blocking our way and view. At first glance this rock might seem hard to climb and to see past . We might not even know where this boulder came from or how it got to be so big, (it could be because of a challenging relationship, the way we feel inside, problems with school or work) but why climb it alone? With the right set of knowledge, skills, and support; along with determination and hard work no rock or mountain has a chance of standing in your way!

Ellahae’s warm, welcoming, compassionate and non-judgmental demeanour allows clients to feel safe, heard and understood. Along with this, the knowledge and experience she brings to the sessions allows clients to feel supported and not alone in facing their challenges.

Ellahae takes a multicultural lens and approach to counselling and is curious to learn from, and grow with her clients, she can also provide her services both in English and Farsi. The main modalities that she uses are Solution Focused, Trauma therapy (EMDR), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Narrative Therapy, she also has knowledge and experience with DBT and family systems approach.

Ellahae is passionate about, and enjoys serving children, youth and families as she believes in early intervention and prevention and finds the work rewarding. It is a privilege to be along side clients while they climb the boulder to the other side!

Counselling Background

Ellahae is a registered Clinical Counsellor with years of experience in providing counselling for children, youth, adults and families. She has over ten years of experience with crisis and suicide assessment, prevention and stabilization with children and youth. She also has extensive experience in assessment and treatment of mental health issues including, but not limited to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychosis and trauma.

Ellahae’s experience over the years working with organizations such as Child and Youth Mental Health, Child and Youth Crisis Program, Crisis Lines, Early Psychosis Intervention Program as well as with acute inpatient and outpatient psychiatric teams has provided her with an in depth knowledge and experience within this field.

More About Ellahae

Key Philosophical Beliefs

  • Asking for support is a sign of strength and part of being human
  • Building a safe and supportive environment where clients can be themselves, and getting to know them non-judgmentally is an integral part of any counselling relationship
  • Counselling is a collaborative approach between therapist and the client
  • Part of being collaborative and client centred means keeping in line with the goals and needs of the client, yet being an anchor when/if need be
  • Everyone has a set of resiliency, knowledge and strength that they bring with them; it is crucial not to lose sight of these strengths but to build on them
  • Everyone is different, one size does not fit all; thus it is important to keep the individual differences (e.g. cultural differences) in mind while providing therapy
  • Everyone has an intuitive sense of self, one of the roles of the counsellor is to allow that intuition to come to the forefront and ultimately guide the sessions

Counselling Training

  • Bachelor of science with major in psychology
  • Masters of Art in Clinical Counselling
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Intensive Trauma-focuse Therapy
  • Crisis and Suicide Assessment and Prevention
  • Early Psychosis Intervention
  • Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health and Development

Professional Membership and Affiliations

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC)
  • BC Association of Clinical Counsellors

Ellahae as a Person

Throughout her life she has had to overcome many personal and professional obstacles. She likes to challenges herself (personally and professionally) despite the discomfort it may cause, as she believes growth does not come from a place of comfort and stagnation. She is passionate about learning, bettering herself and being there for others to the best of her ability. She enjoys hiking, biking, camping, playing the piano, tennis and spending time with close friends and family.

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