Every week I receive calls and e-mails from parents about counselling services and questions about how counselling can help their child.  Parents also often ask for help and guidance as to whether or not their child needs to see a child therapist.    So I thought it would be helpful to post some guides about how counselling can be helpful for children and teens.

10 Signs that a Child May Benefit from Counselling:

  • Development of or an increase in physical complaints ( i.e. headache, stomach ache, or not feeling well)
  • mood swings or your child seems anxious, depressed, sad, tearful, worried, stressed or sulky
  • difficulty sleeping or problems with appetite
  • social withdrawal from friends and family
  • behavioral problems such as excessive anger, acting out hitting, bedwetting
  • problems win academic or social functioning; problems was school with peers or classroom behavior
  • major life changes such as divorce, loss or a death, moving, or major illness I the family
  • decrease interest in previously enjoyed activities
  • sexual, physical or emotional abuse or other traumatic events
  • family relationships are stressed by the child’s mood or behaviors (parents worry about their child and cannot seem to say or do the ‘right things’ without intense reactions from the kids)

10 Benefits of Counselling for children and Teens

  • kids learn new sets of skills to develop and have a ‘toolbox’ of coping skills to apply to life situations and problems
  • know how to work through and positively change thoughts and behaviors so they can create a happier life or more positive situation
  • children have more positive thoughts which leads to feeling better and happier as well as become more engaged with life
  • kids develop real problem solving skills to apply to life situations where they are able to effectively deal with problems with good solutions
  • counselling teaches new ways of thinking which leads to positive attitudes and improved decision making about their behavior
  • therapy helps kids and families know how to cope with stress by learning specific steps, skills and tools about how to reduce or stop problem behaviors
  • increase healthy family and friendship interactions by improving communication styles and reduce conflict
  • improve communication and develop more desirable behaviors, which leads to more connected relationships (family & friends) which means kids get along in a more positive way within their relationships
  • counselling help to improve confidence and self-esteem by having positive thoughts and feelings
  • kids can learn how to express themselves to their parents with their thoughts and feelings and be able to say what they need, which helps parents understand and know how to help

Children, teenagers and families can be faced with various challenges and can experience a range of issues and problems.   It is inspiring to see kids be resilient and families get better by making positive changes and resolving issues.   Counselling and therapy can help.  To know more about the types of issues our Langley Counsellors work with, please see  https://www.darcybaileycounselling.com/who-we-help/child-and-teen-counselling/

Darcy Bailey Counselling & Associates is located in Langley BC.   Let us know if we can be of help to you, your child or family; our Langley counsellors also work with parents to help you support your child as well as mange the stress that surrounds the issues.  To know more,  please see https://www.darcybaileycounselling.com/who-we-help/parent-counselling/


Darcy Bailey, MSW, RSW, RCC, DipAT