Here are some of the areas our therapists can help with…

Counselling for
Children & Teens

  • Your child or teen is depressed or anxious
  • Your child or teen has problems with peers (e.g. socially isolated, being aggressive, being bullied)
  • Your child is having trouble
    coping with a recent separation
    or divorce
  • Your child has suffered a difficult or traumatic event
  • Your child or teenager
    doesn’t listen to you,
    is perhaps out of control
  • Your child or teen is abusing alcohol or drugs
Child & Teen Counselling

Counselling for

  • You want advice on parenting
  • You’re stressed and frustrated with your child or teen
  • You’re concerned about your child or teen and unsure how to help
  • You’re reactive with your child or teenager – you want more control over your behaviour
  • Your relationship with your child or teen is deteriorating
  • You feel inadequate as a parent
  • You and your partner are
    in conflict due to differing
    parenting styles

Parent Counselling

Counselling for
Adult Concerns

  • Your life feels like a struggle; you’re stressed and having a hard time coping
  • You’re suffering from depression or anxiety
  • You’re dealing with
    a loss due to a relationship
    separation or divorce
  • You have a history of unhappy relationships
  • You have difficulty managing your emotions
  • You have experienced a difficult or traumatic event recently or in childhood
Adult Counselling

Why Work With Our Child, Teen, and Parent Therapists?

We are child, teen and family specialists. Our counselors focus on the areas that families struggle with the most. Here are some reasons you may want to work with us:


We have over 100 years of combined counselling experience between 5 of us.

We have extensive experience in many areas including common child and parenting problems such as managing children’s behavior and helping parents develop positive parenting practices.

Our therapists also help with more serious problems in childhood or adulthood such as depression, anxiety, stress, difficulty coping with life, low self-esteem, trauma, bullying, grief and loss, etc. Whatever your concerns are, we have the skills to help.

2We have extensive training in proven therapy techniques for adults, children and teenagers.

We are trained in some of the most effective and proven therapy techniques in existence today. These methods include cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectical behavior therapy and Satir Family Systems Therapy.

We are also trained in the most effective and recognized child counselling techniques including play therapy, art therapy and other expressive therapies as well as age-appropriate cognitive behavioral therapy.

3We are warm and compassionate therapists who are passionate about our work.

We love our work and are dedicated to offering the best service possible. Our counsellors provide hope when you feel discouraged and stressed.

Our counsellors work to find each of your family member’s strengths and build upon them. We offer limited weekend and evening counselling appointments in our Langley counselling offices to help ensure you can make it to therapy appointments.

The bottom line is: We are committed to serving you.

Memberships & Affiliations

If you or your child or teenager is struggling with any emotional or behavioral issue, feel free to contact us in our Langley, BC counselling office to find out more about how we can help.